Audley’s Board of Directors are proud to endorse this 2022 ESG Report, which demonstrates Audley’s commitment to remain a leader in sustainability and highlights significant accomplishments during 2022.

We recognise our role in reducing the negative impacts of climate change and contributing to the collective goal of a more sustainable future. Audley’s long-term focus on sustainability creates value by reducing carbon emissions, improving the environmental and social benefits of our villages, and driving operational efficiencies. Our work to foster inclusivity, diversity, health and wellbeing, and career development contributes not only to an inspired, happy workforce, but stronger financial performance.

Philip Rolfe, Audley Group Planning Director and Chair of the ESG Committee, says “As the Chair of the ESG Committee, I am committed to increasing the value the Board provides on ESG performance and bringing sharper insight to management. We are continually improving our governance strategy, taking a more active approach in assessing and overseeing the sustainability impacts of Audley operations while encouraging a greater focus on environmental and social performance. Recent successes in our ESG efforts include the construction methods used at our Scarcroft Park site. We have made great efforts to retain the soil arisings resulting from the groundwork onsite, which not only increased the biodiversity of the grounds, but also avoided carbon emissions resulting from the lorry movements which would have been required to dispose of the soil.”

The ESG Committee works closely with our Corporate Governance Committee, which oversees our broader governance at the Board level, ensuring accountability, transparency, and the highest ethical standards in our operations.

We are very proud of Audley’s ESG leadership and support the company’s efforts to do business in a way that is both profitable and sustainable. The Board will continue to support Audley’s leadership in this space.