strategic priorities


Strategic priorities

The success that Audley Group has experienced to date has been rooted in a clear understanding of how people want to live in retirement and enabling them to achieve that vision.

Our vision

Life enhancing

Our mission

To be the market leader and most trusted provider of retirement living

Our values

Exceptional, Enriching, Caring, Proud

Audley Group

Audley Group is the parent company and is home to all central functions such as finance, marketing and HR.

Key strategic priorities

  • Grow the number of Audley and Mayfield villages
  • Ongoing investment to fund village expansion
  • Broaden the services offered to our owners
  • Build on joint venture partnership opportunities both in the UK and overseas

Progress in 2017

Securing the first site for Mayfield Villages was the undoubted highlight of the year, although there were many other successes across the breadth of the business (see 2017 Review). The land team has developed a reputation for the skill it has in both identifying potential sites and securing planning permissions in what can be challenging circumstances. This has enabled our rapid growth and will continue to form a cornerstone of progress across both brands.

Future outlook

Audley Group continues to grow profitably. A refinancing has recently been secured and the business is well positioned to capitalise on the societal context and market drivers which make the proposition so attractive to owners and investors.