Leader in our field


Audley Care

As one of the UK’s most respected care providers for older people, and a leader in our field, we hold great responsibility for the quality of individual lives and their basic rights as human beings.

A high-quality, faultless service is something we strive for in all that we do, but it holds specific importance when it comes to our care services. To ensure the utmost quality and respect for all individuals, Audley Care adheres to the following guidelines:

  • Audley Care is recognised, registered and regularly audited by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which means all carers are rigorously trained and highly qualified
  • Our care assistants undertake industry-leading training, including a minimum 12-week programme and additional specialist courses
  • The most up-to-date regulations are complied with relating to the essential quality and safety that people who use our services have the right to expect
  • All care services are monitored through formal review meetings and the distribution of satisfaction surveys, including an annual customer questionnaire, which are closely analysed
  • Spot checks observe carers at work and regular contact with owners and their families ensure customers are happy with the service they receive
  • All homecare staff undergo a thorough DBS check and receive regular training
  • Where possible, carers are recruited from within the local community. These workers spend less time travelling so owners receive the maximum time from them, at the time they promise

ARCO Trade Body

We champion the retirement sector as a whole, and as such are a founding member of the Associated Retirement Community Operators (ARCO) trade body. The Audley Group CEO is ARCO’s current Chair. Membership of this organisation means we are at the forefront of setting best practice in the retirement village sector, allowing us to act as a united voice when representing the interests of older people in engagement with both the private and public sectors, including government.


Our team members are our most important asset as a business, and we are dedicated to providing a working environment in which they can develop and thrive. We encourage open and honest communication and have robust policies covering everything from equality and diversity to health and safety to ensure that their wellbeing is at the core of what we do.

Through our equality and diversity policy the Board and senior management undertake to encourage the recruitment, development and retention of a diverse workforce and to eliminate discrimination. Appointments are made on merit, skills and expertise but with due regard to the benefits of diversity.

There have been a number of employee engagement activities undertaken throughout the year across all our business areas to provide operational and financial updates:

  • Annual staff conference for the leadership of the organisation with special guest speakers and a staff recognition awards event in the evening
  • Annual staff satisfaction survey
  • Information and consultation committee launched to encourage feedback and sharing of information from all disciplines and locations
  • Regional operational village management meetings (bi-monthly)
  • Care branch manager meetings (bi-monthly)
  • Head office all staff meetings (bi-monthly)
  • Daily ‘10 at 10’. An update from the village general manager at 10am at each operational village

Audley recognise that performance schemes are a key tool in employee engagement and have a range of schemes to promote employee engagement across disciplines including an annual pay review, a bonus scheme, a commissions scheme, an incentive scheme, spot awards, an annual recognition event (small group abroad) and a long-term incentive plan.

We are pleased to hold an A Rated Tier 2 Sponsor Licence, meaning that we can consider sponsorship for suitable candidates where we are able to satisfy the Resident Labour Market Tests.

Gender Pay Gap

Audley Group is proud to be an equal opportunities employer and gender has no impact on our recruitment process. Audley Group gender pay details reveal that women’s mean hourly rate is 32.70% (2018 – 27.35%) lower than mens’ and womens’ median hourly rate is 12.11% (2018 – 3.15%) lower than mens’.

This data primarily reflects the fact Audley Group is a business which has three key functions: property, care and hospitality. Each function has different levels of pay. Care accounts for nearly half of the organisation’s headcount, of which 97% of those staff are female, and generally fall into the lower quartiles for pay compared to other business units.. The median gender pay gap across the entire business is 12.11%, which suggests that the main bulk of pay grades are relatively even, and we believe that this provides a more accurate view of the overall gender pay gap.

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