Gender Pay gap


gender pay gap

Gender Pay Gap 

Audley Group is proud to be an equal opportunities employer and gender has no impact on our recruitment process. Audley Group gender pay details reveal that women’s mean hourly rate is 32.70% (2018 – 27.35%) lower than mens’ and womens’ median hourly rate is 12.11% (2018 – 3.15%) lower than mens’.

This data primarily reflects the fact Audley Group is a business which has three key functions: property, care and hospitality. Each function has different levels of pay. Care accounts for nearly half of the organisation’s headcount, of which 97% of those staff are female, and generally fall into the lower quartiles for pay compared to other business units.. The median gender pay gap across the entire business is 12.11%, which suggests that the main bulk of pay grades are relatively even, and we believe that this provides a more accurate view of the overall gender pay gap.

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